Bonus schemes

Bonus schemes are only offered to selected groups of employees in specific business areas or units approved by the Board of Directors. Nordea pays bonuses linked to performance, with both divisional bonus pools and individual allocations being explicitly based on defined performance measures. Divisional financial performance is measured as risk-adjusted profits, explicitly incorporating capital and funding costs, and is adjusted for multi-period revenue effects and minimum required profit. In the event of weak or negative overall results for the Nordea Group, bonus pools can be adjusted downwards at the discretion of the
Board of Directors. As such, individual compensation is determined based on detailed performance evaluations covering a range of financial and non-financial factors.

Inappropriate individual bonuses are prevented through both caps on the percentage of risk-adjusted profit that can be paid out, as well as individual caps. Nordea has introduced deferral programmes for the staff in the risk analysis defined as Identified Staff.

Care is taken to ensure that control and compliance staff employed in divisions with bonus schemes are competitively rewarded although not eligible for bonus.

The Board of Directors decides on new or revised bonus schemes and the outcome of divisional bonus pools by proposal from BRC. GEM is responsible for the implementation of the agreed bonus schemes. Nordea also applies a stringent process to ensure that compensation for individuals does not encourage excessive risk-taking behaviour. To supplement the division-level assessment, there is an approval process for significant bonuses for individuals, with the CEO’s approval required for bonuses exceeding a predetermined level.

Updated: March 2014
Source: Annual Report 2013