Facts and figures

(Information as of Q4 2014)

Nordea is the largest financial services group in Northern Europe with a market capitalisation of approximately EUR 38.9bn, total assets of EUR 669.3bn and a Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio of 15.7%.

Nordea has leading positions within corporate and institutional banking as well as retail banking and private banking. It is also the leading provider of life and pensions products in the Nordic countries.

With approximately 700 branches, call centres in all Nordic countries and highly competitive online and mobile banking platforms, Nordea has the largest distribution network in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

Nordea has the largest customer base of any financial services group in the Nordic region with approximately 10 million household customers and around 0.5 million corporate customers.

Nordea’s vision is to be a Great European bank, acknowledged for its people, creating superior value for customers and shareholders.

Ratios and key figures (Q4 2014)


Total operating income, EURm


Operating profit, EURm


Risk-adjusted profit, EURm


Market capitalisation, EURbn 38.9

Total assets, EURbn

Assets under management, EURbn 262.2
Loan loss ratio annualised, bps


Diluted earnings per share (EPS) - Total operations, EUR


Return on equity, (ROE) - Continuing operations


Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio, excl transition rules, %


Customers (millions) 11
Household customers (millions) 10
Corporate customers (millions) 0.5
Branches ~700
Number of employees (FTEs) 29.397

Management and organisation

Nordea's Chairman of the Board is Björn Wahlroos and the President and Chief Executive Officer is Christian Clausen.

Learn more about the Board of Directors and Group Executive Management. View our organisational chart here.


Nordea operates in 8 home markets.

The Nordic region including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and the New European Markets of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Nordea has a market position of number one or two in most Nordic markets in both Retail and Wholesale Banking.

The Nordea share

Nordea is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. See a list of largest registered shareholders.

Financial reporting

Nordea's financial calendar lists the reporting dates a year in advance. Nordea has a dedicated archive including all interim reports and Annual reports.

Roadshows and conferences

Nordea aims at being one of the leading European companies in terms of clear, relevant and transparent information to shareholders, investors and analysts. Nordea management has approximately 30 roadshow days a year, covering the US, UK and major financial cities in Europe and Asia. View the roadshow calendar.


Nordea believes responsible business leads to sustainable business results. Read more in Nordea's CSR report.

Awards and recognition

Nordea is successful in many different areas within the financial sector. Find out which awards and recognition we have received.