CSR strategy and governance

An informed CSR strategy

Our CSR strategy is derived from our:

  • Stakeholders’ expectations
  • Business strategy
  • Corporate values
  • Internal guidelines and policies
  • External commitments.

We aim to have a strong balance sheet, high ratings and solid returns by running our business in a responsible way and engaging in strong relationships with our customers. We believe that this positive spiral can create a solid bank that attracts customers and the best employees.

Paying close attention to risk and governance, our environmental impact and transparency in reporting ensures that we run the bank and its processes in a sustainable way. Our aim is to further integrate responsibility into our business and, by doing so, support our overall group strategy and distinguish us from our competitors.

Our community engagement and communications strategies reflect our intention to further develop and enhance the positive impact our business has on society, and our dedication to communicating that impact in an understandable and useful way.

CSR governance

CSR unit

Coordinates the group-wide CSR strategy and CSR initiatives and brings issues to the attention of senior management.

Group Executive Management (GEM)

Is responsible for approving the CSR strategy and goals each year. The GEM receives an update on CSR topics from the Head of CSR three to four times annually.

The CSR Stakeholder Board

Is responsible for discussing strategic oversight and direction related to corporate responsibility. The Stakeholder Board, which includes members from senior management of all business areas and group functions, convened four times in 2013.

Frequently asked questions by SRI analysts

The frequently asked questions regarding our CSR work are written especially for Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) analysts but everyone is of course welcome to read on.

The headings are: