Community involvement

Future for youth

Our community involvement activities are directed towards young people in our home markets. We want to support them in gaining understanding of personal finances and entrepreneurial skills.

We do this through our financial literacy programme and by entering into partnerships with organisation with the same goals.

Financial literacy programme

Our financial literacy programme runs in all four Nordic countries and engaged 400 employees in 2013. Nordea’s private economists in each country lead the programmes locally and each branch region has an ambassador who coordinates the programme with schools. Banking advisers visit classes with students aged 13-18, and hold hands-on classes in personal finances.

In 2013, we visited 664 classes spending approximately 1,665 hours. We were able to reach approximately 15,000 students and help them to better handle their personal finances.

Local activities

A lot of community involvement activities take place in the local communities where we are present. We have listed below examples of the main activities ongoing at the moment. In addition to these, numerous local activities are ongoing, most of them aiming to improve the quality of life of children or support talented young people.

Country Activity
Denmark Partnership with Young Enterprise
Finland Partnership in the President's economic skills programme
Partnership with Me & MyCity
Norway Partnership Young Enterprise

Partnership with Teach for Sweden
Nordea Markets mentorships in My Dream Now
Coaching entrepreneurs with Jobs and Society
Nordea organises class-room training through Ekonomipejl


Nordea organises Financial Wisdom Day


Nordea organises Nordea Money School

Lithuania Nordea organises Nordea Leaders' School
Russia Participation in national programme to raise financial awareness