Environmental impact


We aim at running our own operations in an environmentally friendly way and to reduce our CO2 emissions by 18.000 tonnes by 2016. We have 8 eco teams working on those issues.

Environmental targets

In 2009 we set targets to reduce our CO2 emissions by 18.000 tonnes by the year 2016. Our target is to:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 15 % (kWh/FTE)
  • Reduce internal travelling by 30 % (trips/FTE)
  • Reduce customer paper consumption by 50 % (grams/customer)
  • Reduce internal paper consumption by 50 % (kg/FTE)

Environmental certification

Nordea has Renewable Energy Certificates (RECS) for all electricity consumption in the Nordic countries.

In autumn 2009 Nordea received LEED Green Building certifications0 for 14 office buildings in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm. In 2010 we continued the certification process and our branch in Panorama Tower Espoo received a LEED commercial certification. This was the first of this kind in Europe.

We learned many valuable things from the certification process; how to ensure that our premises are best maintained and made energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Therefore, we aim to continue the process by considering certifying our branch office concept.

We became members of the Green Building Councils (GBC)0 in all Nordic countries to be able to both learn from other companies and to share our experience on our ecological footprint program. The GBC network is a good forum for this. Also this forum has a great potential to impact service providers to demand them to provide more green services.

Reducing travelling

Cross-border companies tend to have many frequent flyers. Nordea uses modern technology to reduce the number of business trips. Virtual meetings reduce the impact on the environment and save time and money.

Advanced systems for cross-border meetings

Nordea needs cross-border meetings, but we don’t always need to meet in person. We are now purchasing advanced video conference systems and have increased the capacity of our internal network to facilitate video meetings across the organisation. It’s been possible for some time to hold live meetings on all computers with web cameras. The aim is a 30 % reduction in the number of business trips by 2016, compared to the 2008 level.