In what ways does Nordea support local communities?

Nordea is a provider of financial services, and on Group-level we have therefore decided to focus on using our core competence when engaging in corporate volunteering. Our corporate volunteering projects include:

  • Financial education for young people
  • Debt advice to socially disadvantaged people in Denmark
  • Entrepreneur seminars for unemployed in Latvia
  • Support of children’s and young people’s access to sports and culture

Corporate volunteering

Our Financial Education programme for 13-18 year olds in the Nordic countries is in line with Nordea’s value “It’s all about people”. On the one hand, it is an investment for the future, significantly enhancing the youths’ understanding of financial matters. It will increase their ability to handle their own daily finances and to understand the basic elements of the financial system, thus also leaving them better equipped to face the financial realities of adult life. On the other hand, it gives our employees an opportunity to use their core competences and to truly make a sustainable societal contribution by educating the future generations. The project involves Nordea employees volunteering for providing financial education in schools in the Nordic countries. The education focuses on six core areas:

  • General economy
  • Budget
  • Importance of paying your bills
  • Saving
  • Loan
  • Planning the future

The basic, easy-to-understand information is provided objectively. Employee volunteers use concrete examples to facilitate learning. Projects for disadvantaged members of society 

In recent years, we have also run country-specific corporate volunteering projects for disadvantaged members of society. In Denmark, a number of our personal banking advisers have volunteered to offer free debt advice to socially disadvantaged Danes as a part of an initiative by the Danish Ministry of the Interior to help heavily indebted people.

In Latvia, Nordea has run free of charge seminars for unemployed customers in difficult financial circumstances. The seminars’ aim is to enhance the customers’ competitiveness in the job market by promoting creative thinking, providing advice on individual finance planning, CVs as well as job interview preparation. The concept has been further developed, leading to the launch of the Nordea Business School in Latvia. Aimed at helping emerging entrepreneurs with a wide range of issues, ranging from developing their business ideas to facilitating in arranging meetings with potential investors, the school is open to unemployed customers as well as members of the general public. The classes run over a six month period and are taught by leading business consulting and staff training companies in Latvia along with the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Supporting youth

In addition to financial education, Nordea’s community involvement initiatives are centred on promoting children’s and young people’s access to sports and culture.


In Denmark, Nordea is a main sponsor of Team Danmark, the Danish Olympic Committee and the Danish Handball Federation youth activities. Nordea’s contribution to the latter goes mainly to the recruitment of more coaches and to the support of summer camps for children.


In Finland, the Nordea Jean Sibelius Orchestra gives young musicians the opportunity to practice and perform with top professionals. The orchestra has performed regularly since 2007.


In Sweden, Nordea supports yong athletes through the Olympia fund. Nordea is the main sponsor of Sweden’s Olympic Committee and contributes in this way to Swedish success in future Olympic games.


In Norway,  Nordea supports The Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF). The agreement includes both top-level sports and sports with strong focus on children and youth. Nordea also supports childrens' and young people's golf and soccer, various cultural initiatives and the Norwegian NHO-Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise.