It is our skilled and dedicated employees and their ability to deliver great customer experiences that distinguish us from our competitors and make Nordea great.

The People Strategy

Nordea’s Human Resources (HR) strategy – the People Strategy – emphasises that for Nordea to reach its goals our employees need to reach theirs. This means that Nordea has to provide opportunities for our people to grow and live well-balanced lives.

Balance in life

Nordea recognises that sound business and a valuedriven working environment create great results. Our focus on health aims at identifying and strengthening the factors that enhance a healthy working environment for our employees. At Nordea, we recognise that people have different needs at different stages of their lives, and it is important to strike a balance between work and leisure.

We ensure this in different ways, taking into account local conditions, rules and regulations. We strive to create flexible working conditions on a day-to-day basis. We offer our employees access to health services, with thorough health check-ups as well as favourable terms for leave of absence.

Opportunities to develop and grow

Performance and Development Dialogue

Nordea offers many possibilities for personal career growth within the Group. Every employee has an annual Performance and Development Dialogue (PDD) addressing career goals and development, motivation as well as business goals and targets.

The mandatory PDD takes place between immediate manager and employee, requiring preparation on both parts as well as follow-up throughout the year.

Cross-border mobility

Cross-border mobility and international assignments are ways to enhance job rotation and develop the employee’s competence, and also build overall corporate citizenship and culture. The opportunity to work abroad and in different positions is popular among younger staff.

The graduate programme is in high demand and graduates are often offered a permanent position.

Working to increase gender equality

There are still more men holding managerial positions than women even though the workforce is made up of approximately 60 per cent women and 40 per cent men. To come to terms with this, it is mandatory that the top three candidates for every managerial position include both genders.

Increasingly young top managers take paternity leave encouraging others to follow, but as in society at large this is a generational issue.

Safety at work

The main safety issue at a bank is the threat of armed robbery at branches. Nordea takes precautions by conducting mandatory training sessions for all branches, and there are procedures for how to act when robberies occur as well as structured processes to support the employees affected. Sweden for instance has a support group of colleagues who are trained and prepared to visit branches that have been robbed. They work together with professional psychologists to provide necessary support to the employees.

The Employee Satisfaction Survey

The survey "Employee Satisfaction Index" (ESI) is a tool to get an overview of how our employees evaluate Nordea and, based on this identify and prioritise activities for how to make Nordea Great. Our response rate is high: 94 per cent of employees participated in the 2013 survey, which shows our employees' great commitment to this survey.