Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the main decision-making body in Nordea’s corporate governance structure. The Board is responsible for the company’s organisation and the management of the company’s business.

Members of the Board

The Board of Directors is the main decision-making body in Nordea’s corporate governance structure.

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Board work 2013

The Board of Directors annually establishes its working plan, in which the management and risk reporting to the Board also is established.

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Meetings and attendance

Meetings held by the Board of Directors and its committees as well as the attendance of the individual Board members.

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Board committees

The Board committees contains of the Board Audit Committee, the Board Risk Committee and the Board Remuneration Committee.

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Nordea complies with applicable rules regarding the independence of the Board.

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Honorary Chairman

At the AGM 2011 it was announced that the Board has appointed Hans Dalborg as Honorary Chairman of Nordea with effect from 25 March 2011.

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Composition of the Board of Directors

According to the Articles of Association the Board of Directors consists of at least six and no more than fifteen members elected by shareholders at the General Meeting. The term of office for Board members is one year. Nordea has neither a specific retirement age for Board members nor a time limit for how long Board members may serve on the Board. There are no such requirements in the external framework.

Furthermore, according to the Articles of Association, the aim is to ensure that the Board as a whole for the purpose of its work possesses the requisite knowledge of and experience in the social, business and cultural conditions of the regions and markets in which the main activities of the Group are carried out. The Board currently consists of nine members elected by the General Meeting. In addition, three members and one deputy member are appointed by the employees. Employees are entitled under Swedish legislation to be represented on the Board. The CEO of Nordea is not a member of the Board.