CEO and Management

Nordea’s President and CEO is charged with the day-to-day management of Nordea Bank and the Nordea Group’s affairs in accordance with the external and internal framework. The internal framework regulates the division of responsibilities and the interaction between the CEO and the Board. The CEO works closely with the Chairman of the Board with the planning of Board meetings.

The CEO is accountable to the Board for the management of the Nordea Group’s operations and he is also responsible for developing and maintaining effective systems for internal control within the Group. Further information regarding the control invironment for risk exposures is found in the separate section Risk, Liquidity and Capital managementPDF. The CEO works together with executive officers within the Group in GEM. Presently, GEM consists of six members and the CEO. GEM meets regularly and whenever necessary upon request by the CEO. These meetings are chaired by the CEO, who reaches decisions after consulting with the other members of GEM. Notes of meetings, verified by the CEO, are kept.

Updated: March 2015