Nordea sponsors a brighter future by focusing on children and young people

Nordea wants to make it possible for more children and young people to participate in different sporting activities.

Nordea aims at broader sponsorships where many can participate as wider participation should benefit many people and society as a whole. For example Nordea arranges athletics schools for youngsters each summer in Sweden. In this way many thousands of young people are encouraged to try out and develop their talents.

As part of this programme we give some of the most well known Nordic sports stars a vital role. They can participate as Nordea ambassadors and will contribute by inspiring tomorrow's trainers and sports stars.

Sponsorship activities

Sponsorship in Denmark

Nordea is a main sponsor for Team Danmark, the Danish Olympic Committee and the Danish Handball Federation.

Sponsorship in Finland

Nordea and Allmark have an extensive cooperation agreement on the training of young students of classical music.

Sponsorship in Norway

The main sponsoring area for Nordea in Norway is the agreement entered into with The Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF).

Sponsorship in Sweden

Through the Olympia fund Nordea is the main sponsor of Sweden’s Olympic Committee and contributes in this way to Swedish success in future Olympic games.

Sponsorship requests

Please note that Nordea does not accept requests for sponsorship.