Career news

We continuously publish career news with focus on career and development opportunities at Nordea, both from a local and an international perspective.

In this news archive, all news are gathered in chronological order.

If nothing else is stated, articles are written in English.


Date Career news

2 Mar.   

Meet us at Norway’s online career fair 2 March

10 Feb.   

Nordea utsett till Karriärföretag 2015 (article only available in Swedish)

30 Jan.   

Nordea Graduate programme: Apply now

23 Jan.     

Nordea och Föreningen Ekonomerna presenterar: Ta makten över din karriär! (article only available in Swedish)

14 Jan.     

Career events spring 2015: Come and meet us!

12 Jan.     

Kesätyöhaku Nordeaan on alkanut! (article only available in Finnish)


Date Career news

23 Dec.

Invitation to ”Bank & IT – Combining information technology with banking”

22 Dec.

Keep updated during the holidays

11 Dec.

Recruitment for graduate positions in Denmark

10 Nov.

Meet four of our great students: Erik, Lasse, Marte and Suvi

31 Oct.

We proudly present Nordea Innovation Challenge

24 Oct.

300 new Nordea ambassadors

21 Oct.

Nordea IT Development Day in Copenhagen, 4 November

10 Oct.

Wholesale Banking Day in Copenhagen, 5 November

9 Oct.

Join Nordea’s new contact centre in Salo, Finland (article available in English and Finnish)

7 Oct.

Hae uuteen asiakaspalveluyksikköömme Saloon – rekrytointi alkaa torstaina 9.10. (article only available in Finnish)

26 Sep.

Download free student literature via Nordea

15 Sep.

Recruitment for the 2015 Graduate programme has started

1 Jul.

Come and meet us this autumn

12 Jun.

Meet Poya – manager and student coach

9 Jun.

Keep posted about job opportunities

21 May

Nordea ranked as most attractive financial employer

19 May

Nordea main sponsor at the Swedish championships in Economy

5 May

Group CEO hosted a lunch for some of our talents

16 Apr.

Follow our blog about how it is to work in Nordea Markets

26 Mar.

Nordea best bank in the Nordic region

21 Mar.

Meet Johan Wissman - athlete and Nordea employee

14 Mar.

Download free student literature

25 Feb.

Nordea CEO, Christian Clausen on Great leadership

6 Feb.

Ansök om semestervikariat i Nordea Sverige (article only available in Swedish)

4 Feb.

Vielä ehdit hakea mukaan Nordea Graduate –ohjelmaan (article only available in Finnish)

28 Jan.       

Nordea är huvudsamarbetspartner till SM i Ekonomi (article only available in Swedish)

17 Jan.

Nordea utsett till Karriärföretag 2014 (article only available in Swedish)

13 Jan.

Apply to Nordea Graduate Programme 2014

10 Jan.

Career events, spring 2014

9 Jan.

Kesätyöhaku Nordeaan on alkanut! (article only available in Finnish)

7 Jan.       

Capital Markets, Copenhagen recruits IT-graduates



Date Career news

3 Dec.

Visit us for a career dialogue

2 Dec.

Combine studies with part time work

31 Oct.

ARENA 2013 -messut ke 13.11.2013 Aalto-yliopiston kauppakorkeakoululla (article only available in Finnish)           

13 Sep.

Kesätyö Nordeassa tarjoaa mahdollisuuden tutustua rahoitusalaan (article only available in Finnish)

10 Sep.

Apply to Nordea Graduate programme 2014 

6 Sep.

Meet Ilse and Matti, summer trainees in Nordea 

29 Aug.

LEAD 2013 –tapahtuma ti 3.9.2013 Wanhassa Satamassa (article only available in Finnish)

29 Aug. 

Få et innblikk i hverdagen i Nordea (article only available in Norwegian)

6 Aug.

Career events, fall 2013

4 Jul.

Subscribe to job openings

13 Jun. 

Nordea is the most popular employer

10 Jun. 

Meet Fredrik from Nordea Markets

22 May

Nordea huvudsamarbetspartner till SM i ekonomi (article only available in Swedish)

17 May 

A new blog by Nordea's Rodney Alfvén

8 May

Universum 2013: Nordea on suosituin työnantaja kaupallisen alan opiskelijoiden keskuudessa (article only available in Finnish)

22 Apr.

A new blog by Nordea's Sasja Beslik

3 Apr. 

Oletko sinä Vuoden Kaupallisen alan opiskelija 2013? (article only available in Finnish)

4 Mar. 

Apply for summer job in Norway or Sweden 

26 Feb.

Vi søger Finansøkonom-studerende til praktik (article only available in Danish)

20 Feb. 

Nordea utsett till Karriärföretag 2013 (article only available in Swedish)

5 Feb. 

Apply for Nordea Graduate programme

29 Jan. 

Spring Week at Nordea Markets, Stockholm

17 Jan. 

Follow Nordea on LinkedIn

7 Jan.

Career events, spring 2013

7 Jan.

Kesätöihin Nordeaan! (article only available in Finnish)



Date Career news

17 Dec.

Capital Markets, Copenhagen recruits IT-graduates

11 Dec.

Frukostföreläsning på Operaterrassen, Stockholm (article only available in Swedish)

10 Dec.

Kiinnostavatko rahoitusmarkkinat? (article only available in Finnish)

3 Dec.   

Nordea Markets Graduate programme in Sweden

2 Nov. 

ARENA 2012 -messut ke 14.11.2012 Aalto-yliopiston kauppakorkeakoululla (article only available in Finnish)

29 Oct. 

Nordea mukana Nova Forumissa (article only available in Finnish)

16 Oct.

Apply to Nordea Graduate programme 2013 

11 Oct. 

Join us at Nordea Markets Day 5 November 

4 Oct.

How do you balance work and leisure? Interview with Nordea Group CEO Christian Clausen 

19 Sep. 

Career events, fall 2012 

19 Sep.

Tule tapaamaan Nordean työntekijöitä uratapahtumiimme tänä syksynä (article only available in Finnish)

31 Aug. 

Visit Nordea Markets in Oslo 11 October, 2012 

31 Aug.

LEAD 2012 – messut ti 4.9.2012 Wanhassa Satamassa (article only available in Finnish)

31 Aug. 

Nordea Markets inviterer til Exclusive day 11. oktober (article only available in Norwegian)

6 Aug. 

Nordea på Career Days, 7-8 september 2012 (article only available in Swedish)

6 Jun.

What is your advice to us who are entering the labour market? Interview with Nordea Group CEO Christian Clausen

15 May

What qualities do you look for in the people you recruit? Interview with Nordea Group CEO Christian Clausen