Liquidity management

Pooling for effective liquidity management

Effective liquidity management requires an account structure that facilitates fast decisions and simplifies transfers between your accounts. When managing your liquidity, you may wish there were no borders or different currencies. We can make your wish come true.

Major companies often require a cash pool service. We offer different solutions, the most effective being a master account with corresponding sub accounts for subsidiaries and various departments. All funds are reflected in the master account. This solution minimises the need for credit facilities and provides better opportunities for placing excess liquidity in the money market. You can get interest benefits when accounts and pools in different countries and currencies are concentrated in Nordea.

The legal and regulatory requirements differ among countries and it is important for you to know which pooling structures are feasible. Depending on your company's group structure and business volumes, you may choose a liquidity management solution that reflects the current situation and your company's needs.