Guarantee application

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I/we hereby request Nordea to issue a guarantee in favour of:
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Customer no

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Payments of costs, commission etc under the guarantee is made from account no:
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guarantee (signed by
the applicant). Do not fill in
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the contents of the
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If Nordea makes payments in full or in part under the guarantee, the amount should be debited my/our following account, subject to sufficient funds being available:
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All costs abroad to be paid by the beneficiary.
Purpose of the guarantee:

Practical matters:
  The guarantee to
expire on:
  The guarantee to be
effective until further
The guarantee should be established by
Mail per
and advised through a foreign bank
and issued by a foreign bank
Name of foreign bank, if appropriate:
The guarantee to be forwarded to:
Terms and conditions for the guarantee Collateral
  The guarantee amount is
payable on demand against
a written notice from the
beneficiary stating that I/we
have failed to fulfil my/our
obligations secured by the
guarantee. If further
documentation is required,
this should be specified.
  The guarantee is issued
in accordance with the
ICC Uniform Rules for
Demand Guarantees, a
copy of which will be
handed out by Nordea
on request.
  The guarantee amount is
payable only with my/our
consent, or when it has
been proved to Nordea by
final judgment, arbitral
award or settlement in court
between the parties that the
beneficiary is entitled to
receive the amount.
  The guarantee relates
to a construction contract
and the General Conditions
for the provision of works
and supplies within building
and engineering (AB92)
have been accepted by
the parties. A copy of the
construction contract is
  The guarantee to be
issued as a performance
bond pursuant to § 6 of
  The guarantee to be
issued as a performance
bond pursuant to § 7 of
Additional information:
  The guarantee is issued
without provision of
specific security.
  The guarantee is issued
against security for the
fulfilment of the customer's
obligations towards Nordea.
The collateral is described in
a separate guarantee
document which forms an
integral part of this
Otherwise the guarantee shall be subject to Nordea's General Conditions for Issuing Guarantees and Nordea's General Terms and Conditions, which shall form an integral part of this application. Copies of these conditions, with which I am/we are familiar, have been handed out.
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Signature of chargor/guarantor under the separate guarantee