Securities Services

Nordea has a strong and active presence in all four Nordic markets: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Nordea provides high quality, tailor-made custody services for local and foreign investors dealing with Nordic, Baltic or global securities.  

Nordea is the only truly Nordic provider

We consider ourselves a sustainable provider as we have the size, commitment and presence needed to succeed also in the future in the evolving Nordic securities market. We are actively involved in the re-shaping of the infrastructure in the Nordic region. We have a unique position in this respect and can thereby influence the changes to benefit our clients interests.

Nordea has a clear commitment to custody

We have a strong commitment to Custody with close and long-term relationships with clients in all Nordic markets.

Nordea combines pan-Nordic competence with local expertise

Client Relations Managers work in Nordic teams, which are supported by local specialists with local expertise and direct access to the relevant market information.

Nordic Relations Concept

Through our Nordic Relations Concept we offer one point of entry to Nordea's custody services covering the Nordic countries and Baltic Sea region. The client is appointed a dedicated Nordic Client Relations Manager, who coordinates the Nordic client relations team designed to serve the client. This enables the client to efficiently manage the Nordic relationship and address any issue in the region.

Leading Nordic custodian

Nordea is the leading services provider in the Nordic countries and Baltic Sea region with established banks in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.