Awards 2007

Nordea top rated by leading clients in the Nordic area

This year the results of Global Custodian’s Major Markets Agent Bank Review were, once again, enjoyable. Nordea received Top rated status from our leading clients in Denmark, Finland and Norway. In Sweden we were Top rated for the third consecutive year by all clients.

In Denmark we received good ratings for every service area, and we were happy to see that our consistently good services are clearly appreciated by our clients. In Finland, Nordea was described as very proactive and we maintain our good reputation in our largest market. We are very proud of our Norwegian team, the scores were very impressive and especially the corporate actions service was highly rated by our clients. Nordea Sweden is in a growth phase with solid performance. 

We are particularly happy about our Nordic scores as we were top rated by leading clients in the Nordic region. Our overall scores for the whole region exceed global standards in most service areas and our average scores rose in many of the categories and service areas.

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