Life & Pensions

Nordea serves customers via life & pensions companies in the Nordic countries, Poland, Luxembourg and Isle of Man.

In Denmark, Nordea Liv & Pension is among the market leaders and provides both individual and corporate customers with a broad range of life insurance and pensions products.

In Finland, Nordea is the market leader in respect of individual pensions schemes and markets life & pensions products through the Finnish Nordea branches.

In Sweden, life and pension products are successfully offered through the Swedish branch network, Private Banking sales force, Nordea Life & Pension´s sales force and through the internet channel, making the Swedish Life & Pensions company the fastest growing life company in Sweden 2013.

In Norway Nordea delivers life insurance and pension solutions for both individual and corporate customers.

Beyond the Nordic region, Nordea offers international savings and investment products mainly to customers of Nordic origin, through units in Luxembourg and on the Isle of Man.

Polish customers are provided pensions products through Nordea PTE.