Deposit guarantee and investor compensation schemes

Changes of the deposit guarantee and investor compensation schemes due to the simplification of our legal structure

Simplifying Nordea´s legal structure

We are working on simplifying Nordea´s legal structure by changing our subsidiary banks in Denmark, Finland, and Norway into branches of the parent company Nordea Bank AB (publ). The change from subsidiary banks into branches is made in the form of three separate mergers.

A simpler legal structure is part of the wider transformation of our business and simplification of our processes.

Our aim is to complete the mergers by early 2017.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

When the change into branches is completed, the Swedish deposit guarantee will cover all depositors in Nordea Bank AB (publ), including those with deposits in the bank’s foreign branches. Nordea will, however, also join the local Deposit Guarantee Schemes (DGS) in Denmark and Norway.

If a Swedish institution goes bankrupt or after a decision made by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen), the deposit guarantee will as a starting point provide compensation up to 950,000 Swedish kronor per depositor in Sweden. If you have deposits in a foreign branch of a Swedish institution within the EU the compensation limit from the Swedish DGS is the same as in the country where the branch operates, for example 100,000 euro in Denmark and 100,000 euro in Finland. For branches of Swedish banks in Norway the compensation limit is also 100,000 euro. As Nordea will join the Danish and Norwegian DGS, the Swedish coverage will be supplemented by the special local coverage rules for deposits made in the Nordea branches in Denmark and Norway.

The Swedish compensation limit will apply to deposits in Nordea Bank AB (publ), including its foreign branches, since all deposits in one and the same institution are added up in accordance with the Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes. Depositors are covered per depositor per bank. Consequently, the merger may imply reduced coverage for the individual depositor in Nordea Bank AB (publ) who also had deposits before the merger in Nordea Bank Danmark A/S, Nordea Bank Finland Plc and Nordea Bank Norge ASA.

As a depositor in Nordea Bank AB (publ) you therefore have the right to withdraw or transfer to another institution any deposits including accrued interest in Nordea Bank AB (publ) including its branches exceeding the maximum amount covered as a result of the merger. No fees or other penalties will be charged for such withdrawals if they are carried out within a three-month period from the time you are informed about the merger.

We will separately inform all our deposit holders in Nordea Bank Danmark A/S, Nordea Bank Finland Plc and Nordea Bank Norge ASA about the legal changes during 2016. Country-specific information to Nordea customers will be available on,, and

Read more about the deposit guarantee in Sweden on

Investor Compensation Scheme

After the merger, the investor compensation scheme for Nordea's customers will be determined in accordance with the Swedish investor compensation rules. Nordea will also be part of the investor compensation scheme in Denmark. The investor compensation scheme is applied per investor per bank. Read more about the investor compensation scheme in Sweden on