Our role in society

Being a responsible member of society is a cornerstone of Nordea’s business. The most important questions we should ask ourselves are: how do we make business decisions, who do we lend to, and what do we invest in?

The role of banks is to provide finance that helps people and businesses achieve their ambitions and fulfil their potential. Collectively, the purpose of the financial services industry is to provide funding for a successful, stable and sustainable economy. Financial regulators exist to ensure that excessive risks are not taken to threaten that stability.

As a bank, we are a source of finance, generating value directly for our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees, shareholders, the companies in which we invest and other investors. We generate social value through the benefits our products bring to people, through our community programmes and by paying taxes. Moreover, since we are significant owners of the companies in which we invest, we can encourage those companies to operate more responsibly, both in our domestic markets and globally.