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25-01-16 16:25 | Meet a Nordea profile | Graduate

Josefine joined the Nordea team as a graduate and today she works as a Legal counsel at Nordea Life & Pension in Sweden. In this interview Josefine shares her background and experience, she also gives some tips when it comes to career planning.

What do you do as a Legal counsel?

My job as a legal counsel at Nordea Life & Pension is to assist the business in legal matters in projects regarding new product offerings and sales methods. My job also includes maintenance of products and product information as well as keeping updated about new trends and regulations. 

I primarily work with insurance related law, family law, contract law and EU-regulation. I also assist advisers and customer support in legal matters.

What is your background?

My position as a legal counsel was my first job after graduating from law school at Stockholm University in 2014. During my studies I worked at Handelsbanken with insolvency law and as an assistant at Magnusson Law in Stockholm.

I joined Nordea in 2014 as a graduate in the Nordea Graduate programme; a talent programme that focuses on my professional development in terms of business knowledge, employeeship and personal growth. After finishing my first year out of two, I’m now looking forward to digging deeper into my organisation Wealth Management. 

This past year has given me a thorough understanding of the Nordea Group and it has also provided me with a great opportunity to create a network of inspiring and competent people, as well as time to develop myself on a professional and personal level.

Why did you decide to join Nordea?

I chose to join Nordea because of the various opportunities in legal matters that a banking group like Nordea can offer; both from the perspective of working close with customer related issues and with more advanced regulations like EU directives. There are very few industries with such high regulatory demands as banking and insurance, which I find to be both very interesting and challenging.  

When I was given the chance to be a part of Nordea Graduate programme, there was no question that I wanted to join Nordea.

What is a “Great day at work” for you?

A perfect day would consist of three things: variation, co-operation and something that triggers me. 

By variation, I mean having different tasks during the day – from working with internal projects to answer a more hands on customer related question. Co-operation, because a discussion with colleagues about tricky legal issues makes me inspired and able to bend the issue just a little bit more. And something that triggers me, such as high demands and pace, to get energy to keep on moving forward.

What do you think you will be doing in 1-3 years’ time from now? 

I believe that I will most likely still be working at Nordea Life & Pension as a legal counsel in one year, but in a more senior role. I see myself getting deeper knowledge and develop my skills as an expert, still keeping in mind the importance of having the overall picture. 

It is important for me to actively work on my progress, to have a plan in mind, but still not be too detailed. Many opportunities and changes can happen in three years’ time, why I choose not to prophesy about it – time will tell!

Do you have any advice regarding career planning?

Do what you do best. Do not put too much emphasis on what you know is not your strongest skill and quality (but it’s important to find it out and be aware of it) and don’t break your back to get better at it. Probably you’re not that good at it anyway, so let other people who possess this particular skill represent it instead of you, so you can concentrate on what you’re really good at and develop those skills even further.

Brief facts about Josefine

Title:Legal counsel, Nordea Life & Pension Sweden
Lives:In Stockholm
Education:Master of Laws from Stockholm University and advanced legal courses from University of Western Ontario, Canada

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