Cash Management

A global cash management partner

At Nordea, we are focused on your specific cash management needs and objectives. We provide you with advanced and flexible cash management solutions that reliably process your payments and collections, give you control and visibility of your cash flow and help you manage risk and optimise liquidity.  
But we are also there as your partner, using our experience as the largest financial institution in the Nordics - and one with a global presence and reach - to help you make the right cash management decisions and implement the correct strategies to meet your specific treasury priorities.  

Your relationship bank

Nordea's cash management team listen to our customers and build a trusted relationship with you based on a solid knowledge of your particular cash management set-up and strategy. This allows our experienced cash management team to support you in reaching your goals and advise you in a detailed and personal way – not just as a bank, but as a trusted strategic partner.

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Your requirements

Nordea's cash management team is focused on building relationships, listening to you, our customers, and understanding your top priorities. Through our experience as a large European bank, we know the differing requirements you have, due to your company's internal processes, specific industry-related conditions or constraints from your local environment. And we have the know-how and best practices to help.

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Our solutions

By choosing Nordea as your cash management partner, you will gain access to a wide range of domestic and international payment services, a global cash pool solution, liquidity management tools, ways to improve your cash forecasting, and much more besides.

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Insights and knowledge

Get the latest insights from Nordea's experts on topics such as risk management, supply chain finance, liquidity, compliance and working capital management. Stay on top of cash management trends with the latest articles, interviews, case studies and more!

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Cash management news

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Keep on top of what's happening in cash management both inside and outside Nordea. Here you will find latest news, updates on products and services, thought pieces and knowledge sharing and at which conferences and events you can chat with us next.

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Support and contact

By choosing Nordea as your cash management partner, you get access to a vast and comprehensive network of experts, not only in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden but also in other countries around the world. Our extensive knowledge and experience offers you versatile cash management services suited to your needs.

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IBAN validator

Work with tablet

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is attached to all accounts in the EU countries, the EEA countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and most of the remaining European countries.

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