Nordea finance

How we work

Large corporate and financial institution customer

As the largest Northern Europe finance company, we have the expertise and resources to meet the needs of international customers looking for a finance partner in the Nordic and Baltic region. We offer a wide range of asset finance, sales finance and receivable finance solutions to help our customers create success in their business.

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We are proud to share that we over the years have been recognized in both Leasing Life and Lease Europe.

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Asset life cycle management

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AssetMaster is a solution for asset lifecycle management and flexible leasing finance. It is an effective way to manage your total cost of ownership and optimise your technology investment. You maintain total control over your technology and medical environment with the flexibility to adapt as your needs change.

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Sales finance

Small and medium business customer

Our Sales Finance concept supports our car, vendor and point of sale partners in increasing sales and profitability by offering solutions for the entire sales cycle and tools for customer management and acquisition.

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Receivables finance

Nordea Finance has full variety of receivable finance solutions for different kind of companies. We help your company to free up capital, that is tied in accounts receivables. Flexibility and intelligent services are common features for all of them.

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Fleet Management

Nordea Fleet is an extensive and flexible solution to optimise corporate customer’s mobility at an optimized cost and simultaneously outsourcing the risks and administration of vehicle fleet from the company to Fleet specialists.

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