Norm-based engagements

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Annual screenings enable us to engage in time

Nordea Asset Management screens all companies we invest in on an annual basis in order to identify companies that are confirmed as being involved in repeated or severe violations of international norms on human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and business ethics.

If a company is identified in this screening process, we approach them and initiate a dialogue as part of our active engagement.

A united effort with clear procedures 
In 2014, we updated our process to prioritise engagement in incidents that may have a negative impact on the companies’ core business or reputation.

As part of this, we do screenings of broader factors, such as the companies’ total ESG performance, how they manage the most relevant key issues, and the severity and financial materiality of the incident.

All cases are put forward to the Responsible Investments Committee (RIC), who monitors the process and decides which companies to engage with. Each engagement is supported by an agreed engagement plan that outlines the objectives, milestones, timeframes and engagement activities to be carried out.