Listening to stakeholders

We continuously interact with our stake-holders in various ways. In 2013, we conducted a web-based stakeholder survey from which we acquired an enormous amount of ideas of how to become a more responsible company.


Identified stakeholder groups

Our main stakeholder groups are customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, analysts, non-governmental organisations (NGO's) and governmental authorities.

Stakeholder dialogues in 2013

All stakeholders
In 2013, we conducted a web-based 'virtual brainstorming' dialogue with all of our stakeholder groups. The link was open to everybody on our websites, the Netbank and social media platforms. We received over 4,300 responses and over 5,300 ideas on how to become a more responsible company. Because of the large number of responses a wide range of topics was covered.


We are in constant dialogue with our customers through our Customer Ombudsmen who received 145,100 pieces of feedback from our customers in 2013. We also received 95,000 responses to our annual customer satisfaction survey, and feedback is also gathered after individual customer meetings.


94 per cent of Nordea's employees responded to our annual employee satisfaction survey and 94 per cent of them had a performance and development dialogue with their manager in 2013.


We conducted a survey to understand how many of our shareholders can be defined as responsible investors. In 2013, 34 per cent of Nordea's shareholders had endorsed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


In 2013, we had in-depth discussions with six of our suppliers when we visited them for an on-spot review to discuss topical issues and understand risk areas and common opportunities between Nordea and the supplier. Read about the results of these reviews in the CSR ReportOpens new window

Non-governmental organisations

In addition to reaching many of our stakeholders through the survey, we conducted a round table discussion with NGOs interested in our business.