Career development

A career at Nordea is not something you sit back and plan but something you go out and actively make happen. We expect you to find your unique way of making the most of your talent to deliver great customer experiences.

And if you invest in yourself to show and grow your talent with Nordea, our commitment to you is clear: we will grow together.

People make Nordea great



Our skilled, dedicated people and their ability to create great customer experiences make us stand out from our competitors, making Nordea great.

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Meet some of our great people 


Meet Hanna, who is a credit analyst, and Michael who works with market risk management. Hear them share their career paths, thoughts about leadership and how they perceive Nordea as a workplace.

Meet our great people.

Talent Management at Nordea 


Knowing our talents, helping them make the most of their potential by continuous development is the essence of great Talent Management for us and it is how we expect our leaders to lead Nordea every day.

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Great leadership at Nordea 


At Nordea leadership is recognised as one of the most important drivers of culture, performance, motivation and job satisfaction. Great leadership is the ability to engage and motivate people to reach out for our vision and to create the right team to make it happen.

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