STP requirements (SE)

Field numbers Help information

Instruction code
(Field 23E)

The instruction code must be included when required. You will find the different instruction code in Payment types.

Debit account
(Field 50H)

IBAN or BBAN and currency code is accepted when the debit account is in Nordea Bank Sweden. We prefer IBAN format.

Beneficiary's Bank

Use the BIC code and when requested the national clearing code to indicate the beneficiary's bank. This ensures straight through processing and optimal routing of the payment.
For example: 57A: NDEASESSXXX, MIDLGB22 or 57:

Beneficiary's account

From 1 January 2007 the IBAN number is required for payments initiated via MT101 to EU, to EEA countries and to Switzerland (incl. Sweden).

For example: SE8830000000030011012345

Exception: There is no IBAN format for Swedish bankgiro numbers. Bankgiro number always contains always contain 7 or  8 digits formatted as: xxx-xxxx or xxxx-xxxx. SWIFT address should be stated as BGABSESS.

Remittance information

If payment is made to a bankgiro number or a PlusGiro account remittance information may contain 140 characters.
Some PlusGiro accounts can only receive remittance information in OCR format. OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition, which allows the beneficiary automatic reconciliation. The OCR is usually between 8 and 30 digits.


The following banks have BBAN account numbers containing 4 character clearing codes and 7 character account numbers:  

Bank Clearing code ?

Nordea Bank Sweden

1100-1199   NDEASESS

Danske Bank (Östgöta Enskilda Bank)

1200-1399   DABASESX

Nordea Bank Sweden

1400-1448   NDEASESS

Nordea Bank Sweden

1449-1999   NDEASESS

Nordea Bank Sweden

2000-2099   NDEASESS

Kaupthing Bank Sverige AB

2300-2399   JPBKSESS

Nordea Bank Sweden (excl personkonto)

3000-3399   NDEASESS

Länsförsäkringar WASA Bank Aktiebolag

3400-3409   ELLFSESS

Nordea Bank Sweden

3410-3999   NDEASESS

Nordea Bank Sweden

4000-4999   NDEASESS 


5000-5999   ESSESESS


7000-7999   SWEDSESS

Länsförsäkringar WASA Bank Aktiebolag 

9020-9029   ELLFSESS 


9030-9039   OKOYSESX 

Citibanken International Plc, Sweden Branch

9040-9049   CITISESX 

FöreningsSparbanken (former HSB Bank) 

9050-9059   no BIC code

Länsförsäkringar WASA Bank Aktiebolag

9060-9069   ELLFSESS 

Banque Indosuez Stockholm Branch

9080-9089   BSUISESS


9090-9099   ABNASESS

Midland Bank Plc, Stockholm Branch

9110-9119   MIDLSESX 


9120-9124   ESSESESS

Dresdner Bank AG Stockholm Branch

9125-9129   DRESSESX


9130-9149   ESSESESS 


9150-9169   SKIASESS

IKANO Banken

9170-9179   ? 

DnB NOR Bank ASA, filial Sverige

9190-9199   DNBASESX

Stadshypotek Bank

9200-9209   via HANDSESS

Bank 2 Bankaktiebolag

9230-9239   no BIC code


9250-9259   ?

DnB NOR Bank ASA, filial Sverige

9260-9269   ?

ICA Banken AB

9270-9279   ?

Resurs Bank

9280-9289   ? 

Forex Bank

9400-9449   ?

Sampo Bank Abp Finland, filial Stockholm

9450-9459   ? 

GE Money Bank 


The clearing number is not included in the following account numbers:

Bank Clearing code ?

Nordea personkonto






Danske Bank



9500-9549 / 9960-9969 ?

The following banks have BBAN account numbers containing 10 characters:


Nordea Bank Sweden "personkonto" which is constructed by using the account holder’s date of birth: yymmddxxxx (year, month, date and four characters), ex. 661214-1234. The clearing number for "personkonto" is 3300 and the account number must be preceded by the clearing number. For ex. 33006612141234. BIC code NDEASESS

Danske Bank has account numbers containing 10 characters and must be preceded by 604 so that it makes 13 characters. BIC code DABASESX

Sparbanken Finn and Sparbanken Gripen AB

The following bank has account numbers (BBAN) containing 4 character clearing codes and 9 character account numbers:

Bank Clearing code ?

Ex 6111 123 456 789 must be stated as: 1160 123 456 789

6000-6999   HANDSESS

The following bank has account numbers (BBAN) containing 5 character clearing codes and up to 10 character account numbers:

Bank Clearing code ?

(If the account number has less than 15 characters, please fill in with zeros after the five character clearing code so that there are 15 characters in total: Ex 80003562355 is stated as 800030000562355) 

8000x   SWEDSESS