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Together with customers and partners, we enable the transition to a sustainable future

For Nordea, sustainability means taking responsibility for the impact we have on our surroundings.
As the leading bank in the Nordic region, we play a key role in the transition towards a sustainable future. We take this role very seriuosly. Together with our customers and partners, we can make a difference through the choices we make.

"Sustainability is part of everything we do in Nordea. It is about mitigating risk, improving resiliance and creating opportunities. It is, quite simply, the right thing to do."

 Group CEO - Casper von Koskull

10 years of responsible investing

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A sustainable future - making it possible

  • Nordea was ranked as one of the world’s top 100 sustainable corporations.  
  • EUR 5.90 billion in assets in Nordea’s sustainable funds as of March 2018. 
  • We were the No. 2 issuer of green bonds in the Nordics in 2017.
  • Nordea wins Best Investment ESG Process award in Europe in 2018 for the fourth year in a row.
  • A total of 90% of our new contracted suppliers were screened for environmental protection, labour practices, human rights and anti-corruption in 2017.
  • Thanks to our customers choosing to use our digital tools, we are one step closer to achieving our goal of becoming a paper-free company within a few years. Nordea Personal Banking sent out 15 million fewer letters to customers in 2017 alone, equating to a reduction in paper usage of about one-fifth.

Sustainable leaders outperform laggards by

It pays to Invest with
 an ESG hat on

Taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into consideration in investment processes is not only beneficial from a sustainability perspective but also from a financial perspective. Recent research by Nordea Markets found that companies that are leaders in sustainability outperformed laggards by around 40% over a three-year period.

Influencing from within

In 2017 Nordea has 160 meetings with companies we invest in, and around 65% were related to ESG issues. That allows us to get to know the companies we invest in as much as possible, which is especially important in emerging markets where reporting practices generally lag Euope.
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You can make a difference through the choices you make

5 ways you can help
 fight climate change

  1. Shorten your shower by 2 minutes each time - you can save 1.06 tonnes in COemissions
  2. Take one less international flight per year - you can save 18.93 tonnes in CO2 emissions
  3. Take the train instead of the car - you can save 26.73 tonnes in CO emissions
  4. Eat max 1 piece of meat per week - you can save 35.68 tonnes in CO2 emissions
  5. Move your savings to sustainable funds - you can save 2,222.67 tonnes in COemissions

Did you know? 

putting your savings in sustainable funds can be

27x - blue text - infographic 

more efficient than the other activities combined.

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Together with customers and partners, Nordea enables the transition toward a sustainable future

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