Vores fokusområder

Denne side findes ikke på dit sprog, og derfor vises den på engelsk.

We have determined the following activities to be most important to focus on during 2015.


Focus areaActivityMeasurement
ComplianceCompliance culture programmeImplementation of activities related to the programme decisions
ComplianceOperational Risk & Compliance Awareness Programme
  • e-learning for all employees, participation rate
  • ESI questions & surveys among employees

Strengthening the ‘Raising your concern’ process

Implementing a revised 'Raising your concern' – mechanism

Work against:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Counter terrorist financing
  • Sanctions risk management
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
Enhancing monitoring and reporting
Community involvementSupporting financial education, entrepreneurship and employment possibilities for young peopleAcitivities and partnerships to support our communities
Community involvementIntroduce structured reporting on community investmentReporting on community investment
Environmental footprintDecrease our own footprint according to our EcoFootprint programmeEcoFootprint KPI’s


Focus areaActivityMeasurement
Responsible lendingDevelop new ESG tools and processes for corporate customersNew ESG tool created & tested
Holistic adviceProviding advice and services based on knowing our customers and understanding their needs & preferencesCustomer satisfaction
AccessibilityIncreasing choice & flexibility in how the customers can interact with us24/7 availability to banking services
Responsibility investmentsAddressing ESG aspects in our evaluation of and dialogue with companies cross all assets under managementBe preferred choice for clients when they select supplier of RI funds
Responsibility investmentsImplement Responsibility declaration for all funds managed by Nordea Asset ManagementResponsibility Declaration impemented for all funds


Focus areaActivityMeasurement
Leadership & talent managementCompetence developmentEmployee satisfaction & motivation
Leadership & talent managementDeveloping leadership competencesEmployee satisfaction & motivation
Strong performance cultureTalent development in daily leadership% of employees who have been in PDD
DiversityIncrease number of women in managerial positionsNumber of women in management positions


Focus areaActivityMeasurement
Develop a more structured approach to responsible procurementCreate new framework and segmentation model for supplier managementImplementation of new supplier framework and segmentation model
Develop a more structured approach to responsible procurementCreate new framework and segmentation model for supplier management
Responsible procurement manager appointed
Increase ESG awareness and engagementIncrease ESG awareness and engagement with suppliers.
  • Supplier self-assessment questionnaire 
  • On-spot CSR reviews
  • Awareness training sessions for employees
  • Presence in industry events & active communication

All stakeholders

Focus areaActivityMeasurement
Indirect economic impactsCreate value for stakeholders
  • Salaries
  • Supplier payments
  • Community investment