Nordea's Anders Langworth takes a seat in the UNEP FI Banking Board

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Anders Langworth
21-08-20 8:41 | Our work | Our people

Nearly a year has passed since Nordea, along with 129 banks globally, became a signatory of the milestone initiative UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking. A common framework and commitment developed by the United Nations Environment Programme and the global financial sector jointly.
In August , Nordeas’ Head of Group Sustainable Finance, Anders Langworth was elected for a seat at the UNEP FI Banking Board, the new governance body for the UNEP FI Banking Membership. 

Launched in 1992, UNEP FI is a partnership between The United Nations Environment Programme and the global financial sector to catalyze the banking industry’s awareness of the environmental agenda and mobilize change. Working with more than 300 members - banks, insurers, and investors and over 100 supporting institutions - UNEP FI helps create a financial sector that contributes positively to people and the planet. By leveraging the UN’s role, UNEP FI accelerates sustainable finance.

As the only Nordic founding bank of the Principles, we are proud to represent the region on the board and further strengthen our commitment to the Principles. The Banking Board has 12 seats, based on the geographical spread and number of member banks in each region as per below:

1 North America, 1 Central America, 1 South America, 1 Scandinavia/Nordics, 2 Western Europe, 1 South-Eastern Europe, 1 North Africa & Middle East, 1 Sub-Saharan Africa, Central, 1 East Asia, South Asia & Pacific, and 1 UN Representative.

”It feels great to have been elected for a seat at the new Banking Board, as it shows that the member banks trust Nordea to be a strong voice for the region. I feel proud to represent a bank that takes sustainability seriously and am eager to drive change in the global banking industry together with like-minded peers from around the world,” says Anders Langworth, Head of Group Sustainable Finance at Nordea.

The Banking Board oversees the effective implementation of the Principles and the Banking Membership’s contribution to the achievement of UNEP FI’s overall strategic objective. One of the board’s missions is to ensure that all Signatories receive the necessary support to deliver on their commitments, both individually and collectively. The Banking Board plays a fundamental role in safeguarding the integrity of the Principles, maintaining their ongoing relevance and alignment with societal needs, and preserving the credibility and legitimacy of the collective of Signatories and the UNEP FI Banking Membership as a whole. 

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