Om Sustainable Finance


Our view on Sustainable Finance is our vision to be acknowledged as the leading Nordic wealth manager, with global reach and capabilities. To be acknowledged as leading, we need to lead the way. Nordea Wealth Management seeks to engage with and on behalf of clients to advance environmental, social and governance progress.

Sustainable Finance is about the mobilization of capital for businesses with economic, social and environmental benefits. We believe that by embedding sustainability in our investment advice and tools, we can engage with clients in a holistic way. 

The world is challenged by impacts of climate change and increasing resource scarcity. These challenges are putting pressure on natural habitats, communities and people as well as on businesses, presenting a threat to global prosperity. 

By advising our clients and acting on their behalf we can make important contributions to economic growth and prosperity, through capital allocation and interaction with companies. This is not only an opportunity, but a part of our fiduciary responsibility.

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