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Investment policy

With more than EUR 260 billion under management – on behalf of more than 10 million investors – Nordea has a huge responsibility to deliver good returns by supporting international norms and being a responsible investor.

Because of this, we have developed policies, procedures and investment products to ensure that each of the companies we invest in live up to various criteria for sound environmental, social and governance performance. We have also signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investments.

This way Nordea Asset Management acts as an active owner on behalf of our clients in companies and sectors across the world.

Exclusion is the last resort
All companies in Nordea Asset Management’s equity portfolio are screened for verified violations of international norms regarding environmental protection, human rights, labour standards and business ethics.

If a company is not showing true will to change its norm breaching behaviour, Nordea’s committee for Responsible Investments can decide to exclude these investments from all fund portfolios.

However, exclusion of companies is rarely a constructive long-term approach, as it will not generate any change in company behaviour. For this reason, we see exclusion as a last resort, and we prefer to influence companies and develop their operations rather than giving up on our investments.