Sasja Beslik biografi

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Sasja Beslik (born 24 December 1972) is Head of Group Sustainable Finance. He is one of Sweden’s foremost experts on finance and sustainability and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Sasja Beslik has more than 15 years of experience of advising and working with multinational companies on investment issues in Africa, Asia and former Soviet Union countries. He also has extensive experience of bridging risk to opportunity within ESG, creating commercial strategies for integration of ESG issues into asset management, fund companies and products.

Sasja’s roles in the financial sector include Head of Responsible Investment at Nordea Asset Management, CEO of Nordea Funds AB, Global Head of Responsible Investment & Engagement at Banco/ABN AMRO and as a consultant for the World Bank. He has also served on various boards and expert groups, such as The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and as the chair of UNEP Finance Initiative’s Water Work Group.

Early life  
Sasja Beslik was born in Bosnia and fled to Sweden more than twenty years ago to avoid being drawn into the war in the former Yugoslavia. At the age of 21, he made his way across Europe. With 20 German marks in his pocket and three T-shirts in a plastic bag, he entered Poland, sailed across the Baltic Sea and arrived in Sweden. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and economics from Stockholm University and worked as a war correspondent for several years writing for the Red Cross, Unicef, Dagens Nyheter and more. 

Awards and nominations

2017 appointed as specialist in the areas of Insurance, Asset Management and Sustainable Development in World Economic Forum Expert Network.

•2017 Sustainability Leader of the Year 2017 for finance by The New Economy

•2017 Banking Profile of the Year, Sweden, by Privata Affärer

•2013 The Order of the Seraphim by H.R.H King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, for extraordinary efforts in the field of finance and sustainability.

•2011 Selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum


“I want to take an active role in the development of sustainable financial markets and focus our investment, banking and stewardship on better alignment between finance and ESG factors. Being part of the public policy debate on financial sustainability is an essential element in developing sustainable financial markets and I believe that Nordea, through me, can make an important contribution towards this goal. Through Twitter, with >120000 followers and several interviews and publications in media I have a global reach, spreading the message of sustainable finance.”
UNEP Finance Initiative

“There is a big question mark on how we’re going to finance what’s needed to counter climate change. One of the biggest challenges isn’t to find the new money but to reshuffle and reallocate or reshape investment strategies.” 
Bloomberg Business 

“Our responsibility is to deliver good returns to our customers and we believe that the premise to do so is connected to the way we manage capital based on three parameters: the financial, the environmental and the social aspects in relation to the company.” 
Svenska Dagbladet 

“The claim that responsible investment gives lower returns than others is just bullshit.”