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The Stars empower you to make a difference by investing in responsible companies.

As part of Nordea Asset Management’s ambition to deliver Returns with responsibility, we have created a family of investment funds under the Stars brand.

In the Stars funds, we proactively select high-quality ESG companies rather than negatively screening out poor ESG industries. 

We do this through a combination of engagement, thematic research, field trips and ESG analysis – with each element serving its own specific purpose. 

The Stars concept is about finding tomorrow’s winners
We believe that being aware of and adaptable to ESG challenges will be a key enabler for a company to survive the tremendous geopolitical challenges ahead.

In that sense, the Stars concept is all about finding tomorrow’s winners, which – from our point of view – will be companies with sustainable business models and the ability to conduct their business responsibly in relation to their stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers, investors and society at large alike.