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We're open

It may sound so simple, but it’s an aspirational promise loaded with potential. At Nordea, we’re open. To new ideas. To being challenged. To different perspectives. To growth and innovation.
To you. 

When we recently asked colleagues from different countries and business areas why they enjoy working at Nordea, we discovered some key themes. They are connected to the way we offer you great opportunities to grow while taking part in reinventing banking for the future. They are also about the unique atmosphere in Nordea where you’ll be surrounded by brilliant people with a wide range of backgrounds, skillsets and experiences. Add all of this together, you’ll find yourself working for a shared purpose – making our work even more meaningful and enjoyable.

What makes Nordea great is our people and culture. 

Start your career with us - you’ll be surrounded with brilliant people with a wide range of backgrounds, skillsets and experiences, so come as you are. 

Meet Christina Gadeberg, Chief People Officer and Head of Group People

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We're open    Reinventing banking    Grow with us    In good company    We care for something bigger 

We are open

We're open

To new ideas. To being challenged. To different perspectives. To growth and innovation. To you. 

The world is changing fast. Shifting customer needs, increasing societal expectations, environmental uncertainty and new technologies are just some of the realities we’re tackling. We see this as an obligation and an opportunity to combine our best minds and lead the way to reinvent banking. We will get there faster, by being open. With us, you’ll never stop growing and being part of something bigger. 

This is our promise to you.

"We are open to ideas, we're open to doing things differently, we're open to solutions coming from outside of Nordea."

- Brandon Mayo, Head of Innovation and Experimentation

Reinventing banking

Reinventing banking

Our industry is being disrupted which provides an amazing opportunity to reinvent banking. That’s why we need self-motivated people who recognize that transformation happens through small changes every day. That’s also why we partner with companies and institutions that are equally ambitious. We need passionate people who take initiative to challenge the status quo in favour of better ways to serve our customers. Because reinventing banking starts with all of us. 

Bringing this mindset will give you a unique opportunity to make your mark on a greater purpose, giving you experiences and developing new skills, collaborating with bright minds in our industry and having fun along the way. All the while contributing to our transformation, changing our industry and building a company of which we can all
be proud.

“It’s all about continuous development. Recognizing the past but also understanding, that we need to change when society changes and the customer needs are changing. So we need to reinvent ourselves”.

-Minna Åkerholm, Relationship Manager

Grow with us

Grow with us

We want learning to be in our DNA. In a rapidly changing environment disrupted by new technologies and new business models every day, one thing remains constant: change. That’s why we need people who enjoy learning and developing. People who take ownership for their contribution, growth and enjoyment.

In return, we’re creating an environment for innovation that provides the space for experimentation, rewards courage and creativity and empowers our people to listen, learn and act all the time. At Nordea, we actively seek feedback and shift mindset to turn our challenges into opportunities to learn. As one of the largest employers in the Nordics, with us, there is plenty of space for you to grow.

"In change Lab we train people to train others which is important to make sure that we are a learning organisation to continuously grow and develop ourselves and help develop others.”

- Venus Simiab, Chief Expert

In good company

In good company

What makes Nordea great is our people and culture. You’ll be surrounded with brilliant people with a wide range of backgrounds, skillsets and experiences, so please come as you are. We invite you to bring your whole self and we welcome and embrace fresh perspectives and open thinking. We know that an inclusive workplace is a sustainable workplace. All of this will give power to designing and delivering the right services and solutions to our customer. We just know that happy people leads to happy customers.

We deeply believe in the importance of diversity, and as different as we are, we come together around living our values. We want you to feel valued, and we want your Nordea colleagues to become a community you’ll always remember. With us, you’re in good company.

“Being in good company is about being surrounded with people that you like and feel connected with. It’s also about having a common feeling of doing something meaningful.”

-Thomas Sørensen, Head of Nordea Research

We care for something bigger

We care for something bigger

The financial industry plays an important role in society. That’s why we want to surround ourselves with people who truly care about our customers, our role in society and the environment we live in, and therefore about doing the right thing, particularly when it takes courage to do so. Led by our purpose, we strive to make sustainability a natural part of what we do at Nordea – as a company, in our investments and in the advice and offerings we provide our customers. Because our choices really matter. Together, we can significantly impact the transition towards a
sustainable future.

You’ll find that as part of Nordea you’ll be standing behind and supporting individuals, families, small start-ups and big companies and institutions in and outside the Nordics. You’ll be part of leading the way for our industry, building on opportunities to thrive and solving the great challenges our societies face.

“To me, it's about responsible banking towards our customers, colleagues and society"

-Outi Ritvala, Senior Relationship Manager

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