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14-09-15 15:53 | Konkurrence | Studerende | Event

Enter our case competition where first price is 20.000 DKK, lunch with a member of our Executive Management team and a feedback session with a Human Resources representative.

Mingle with top-level Nordea managers, including members from the Executive Management in Wealth Management and get a unique insight to Wealth Management - one of the fastest growing business areas in Nordea. 

Attractive prizes to the winning team: 20,000 DKK, lunch with member of the Wealth Management Executive Management and a feedback session with Human Resources. 

You will work in teams to come up with the most innovative solution to a real-life case focused on wealth management. You will have the opportunity to deep dive in different directions making it possible for students with different backgrounds to participate.


Solving the case (November 3) 

Your team will solve the 24 hour case at home (not at a Nordea location). 

Presenting the case (November 5)

All teams present their solutions to a first-round panel at Nordea’s Danish head office in Copenhagen. Three teams will be selected for the final in which they present their solutions to a new panel. The winner will be selected in the final round. There will be mingling with managers and employees during the day and after the winner has been announced.


The first-round and final-round panels will mainly consist of senior executives from Nordea Wealth Management, including members of the Wealth Management Executive Management. A Human Resources representative will also be present during the presentations.


You apply in teams of four. We encourage you to form teams in which the members have different backgrounds but it is not a requirement. Send one application including CV's and grade transcripts of each member. In addition, include one page in which you outline the career interests of all four team members and appoint one team member that we can use as a point of contact.

Eligible applicants are third year bachelor students and master students from Danish universities and Lund University.

Submit your application to moc.aedron@esacmw by October 11, 2015. Each team submits only one group application. The selected participants will be notified by October 19, 2015.

We will cover transportation expenses for those living in Jutland, Funen or Sweden with up to 800 DKK.

If you have any questions, please contact us at moc.aedron@esacmw