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01-03-16 8:30 | Mød en Nordea-profil | Graduate

Sofia is both a graduate and an Analyst within Wealth Management and in this interview; she shares her background and career path as well as some of her best career tips. 

What do you do in Wealth Management Business Development?

I am part of something called ‘Remuneration and Development Centre of Expertise’ which is a small team of HR-specialists focused on remuneration, development programmes, HR analytics, talent management and HR projects. I am primarily responsible for driving the HR Analytics agenda and I am also involved in solving compliance tasks and performance reporting and analytics within the remuneration area in Wealth Management (WM). 

My daily work with HR Analytics includes to collaborate and team up with others and to support management with becoming more data-driven in people decisions. This includes basic people reporting and analysis in relation to e.g. turnover, mobility, diversity, pay for performance and more tailored salary benchmark reporting and analysis. 

Besides this I am also part of the Nordea WM Graduate programme that focuses on professional development in terms of business knowledge, employeeship and personal growth.

What is your background?

Before I joined Nordea, I worked as an assistant in a real estate agency called Home A/S. I started my career in Nordea as a student assistant in Nordea Invest, Board & Support/Legal in 2010. 

Before I joined the Graduate programme, I held two student positions in Asset Management and a summer internship in Nordea’s Global Sales team in London.

Why did you decide to join Nordea?

I decided to apply for the student position in Nordea Invest since it matched my competencies and my field of study. I have then continued my journey and built a great network as there are many interesting job opportunities in Nordea.

The banking sector is undergoing a big transformation and it motivates me to be part of this journey. I really enjoy being part of changing times and I think the banking sector offers that in surplus. 

What is a “Great day at work” for you?

A great day at work is when my colleagues and I make a difference by delivering good results and we have a great laugh together! 

What do you think you will be doing in 1-3 years’ time from now? 

HR Analytics is gaining momentum and I hope that I have been able to be part of building a HR community that is data-driven; a community that can provide managers with insights to effectively manage their employees to reach business goals. 

With my competencies and motivational drivers, I see myself having one foot in regulations and the other in developing new business areas and ideas. One of the things I value is waking up in the morning knowing that I will be challenged by my unit, the business and by my colleagues in a fun-filled and energized environment. I hope this will continue in my future endeavours.  

Do you have any advice regarding career planning?

Yes, I want to share the advice that I have received from my mentors: Focus on the job you are in and take ownership! Become good at what you do, because once you have become good enough – success will inevitably follow.

Brief facts about Sofia

Title:Graduate & Analyst in Wealth Management Business Development, HR
Lives:In Copenhagen
Education:Business Administration and Commercial Law, Copenhagen Business School

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