Om programmet

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Whether you want a career with a focus on business, compliance or IT, the Nordea graduate programme will kick-start your journey from being a student to becoming a successful young professional, creating the perfect start to your career. 

You'll be employed in a position that matches your interests and competencies so you can work with the things that you are most passionate about.  

Your passion will be our joint strength and will support Nordea in the historic transformation process we have initiated. Nordea invests substantially in the establishment of the future relationship bank based on a core digital platform and culture transformation. And we want you to be part of this. 

You’ll get ideal opportunities of being part of a global network of fellow graduates from various areas in the bank, engage with our senior business leaders and unleash your potential while increasing your personal awareness and business knowledge. All this will give you a strong and unique foundation for your future career now and after the programme.    

What is a graduate position?

  • A permanent, strategically important position with business impact from day one for a high potential graduate with the purpose of building up a strategic talent pipeline for the future.
  • A development position where the graduate is systematically supported with his/her functional and personal development into becoming a successful young professional. 
  • A position with ongoing stretched assignments and targets outside the graduate’s comfort zone including structured follow up and feedback to ensure that you learn quickly.
  • An environment, where the graduate can test the learnings from the graduate programme and to share fresh perspectives and new ideas.
  • A position where the graduate can build relevant networks by being exposed to areas outside their own team/department.
  • Mandatory participation in Graduate programme activities, e.g. seminars.