Honorary Chairman

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At the AGM 2011 it was announced that the Board has appointed Hans Dalborg as Honorary Chairman of Nordea with effect from 25 March 2011.

Hans Dalborg has since 1991 held various senior management positions within Nordea as CEO and Chairman of the Board. During these years, he has significantly contributed to the successful development of Nordea. The appointment was made in recognition of his importance for the development of Nordea and in order to, in the promotion of Nordea, have the opportunity to make use of his in-depth knowledge, vast contacts and extensive experience.

Hans Dalborg

Ph.D. (Economics)
Honorary Chairman since 2011.
Born 1941.

Board Chairman of the Swedish Corporate Governance Board and Uppsala University.

Board member of Axel Johnson AB, the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics and East European Economies (SITE) and the Stockholm Institute for Financial Research (SIFR).

Member of the European Round Table of Financial Services (EFR).

Previous positions

2002 - 2011

Bord Chairman of Nordea

2005 - 2008

Board Chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

1997 - 2005

Board Chairman of the Royal Swedish Opera


President and CEO Nordea

1998 - 1999

President and CEO MeritaNordbanken

1991 - 1997

President and CEO Nordbanken

1989 - 1990

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Skandia Group.

1972 - 1989

Various positions within Skandia Group

Honorary Chairman is an honorific title sometimes given to a former eminent person within a company. The concept of honorary chairman is not regulated in by Swedish law and an honorary chairman does not obtain any former legal position within the company. Hence, an honorary chairman is neither a member of the Board of Directors nor a member of the bank’s management. As Honorary Chairman, Hans Dalborg will as agreed with the Chairman and the CEO promote the interest of the bank, for example by participating in seminars and other events of Nordea and to attend conventions, seminars and ceremonies associated with Nordea.