Demo day

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Welcome to Nordea Demo Day

Demo Day brings together Nordic employees throughout Nordea to have a glimpse at our latest products and solutions. Now we invite students to take a sneak peek into what’s cooking behind the curtains! Be the first ones to see what is being launched to you -- our customers – and hear the latest reflections from our senior leaders. 

Students -  join us in Demo Day!

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In Demo Day you can:

  • See the real value that is delivered to customers by showcasing solutions from development in Nordea.
  • Provide insights from Nordea development and the future of banking experience.
  • Learn more about working at Nordea and make it a moment for you to meet the people.
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We invite students to join Demo Day on the 19th of December in Helsinki, Finland for the second time!

During the morning, you will participate in Demo Day with Nordea employees and be one of the first ones to learn about our newest product launches.

As this is a new concept, we would like to hear your thoughts on the event so we can make it even better.

Agenda and timetable, Thursday 19th December:

9.00 Registration and welcoming words

9.15 Career opportunities at Nordea

10.00 Showtime! Demo Day

12.00 Event ends

Registration policy

Registration and Attendance Policy

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Badges and attendance

Before being admitted to Nordea premises and obtaining a Demo Day badge, all attendees will be required to present a valid ID or passport (copies will not be accepted) that matches the name on the registration confirmation form in order to receive admission to Demo Day. We do this for security purposes. You must wear your Demo Day badge at all times, unless otherwise permitted by Nordea, to receive admittance to Demo Day. If requested by security, attendees may be required to provide additional identification. Demo Day badges (or any part thereof) are not replaceable or transferable. You agree not to share, transfer, give, or otherwise provide your badge to anyone. Nordea is not responsible for any badges or property that is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed at Demo Day. 

All attendees must follow safety signage, instructions, and rules. 

Photographs and Video Consent

Photographs and/or video taken at Demo Day for Nordea, or others on behalf of Nordea, may include your image or likeness. You agree that Nordea may use such photographs and/or video for any purpose without compensation to you.

Data protection

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