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Open thiking
A drive-in bank in the 1960s.
25-12-18 12:30 | Nordea

Nordea launches the Open thinking campaign in Sweden to showcase who we at Nordea are, what we do and what we stand for. The campaign offers glimpses of our history as well as current examples of how we continuously strive to be open and innovative, so that we can be the best bank possible for our customers. The Open thinking campaign goes live on 25 December, 

The concept of Open thinking encompasses how we continuously listen, cooperate and think along new lines so that we can develop the bank and stay relevant.

- Open thinking isn’t just an advertising concept, these two words sum up who we at Nordea are. We have always dared to try new concepts and ideas so that we can develop the best solutions. Through the campaign we share examples of how Nordea has practiced and is practicing Open thinking in ways that add value to our customers and to society as a whole. The concept of banking changes over time and isn’t the same today as it was yesterday or will be tomorrow, says Martin Persson, Acting Senior Country Manager Nordea Sweden.

The campaign offers historical flashbacks, such as to:

- 1848, when we supported entrepreneurs in need of loans by accepting “not-easily-perishable goods” as security. The first loan was granted to a merchant Evensen against a security of 3 862 litres of vodka.

- 1911, when Esteri Heikinheimo became the first female branch manager in a Finnish commercial bank, five years after Finnish women won the right to vote.

- the 1960s, when we launched the concept of drive-in banks.

As well as a few recent examples of how we practice Open thinking, including:

- our cooperation with Apple and Google which made it possible for us to offer our customers the easy-payment solutions Apple Pay and Google Pay.

- Nordea Life & Pensions Sweden’s re-investment of its traditionally-managed portfolio, valued at 7 billion kronor, into sustainable investments. This reduced the carbon footprint of the portfolio by 70 percent.

- our Green Mortgages, a discounted mortgage that we offer to customers who live in climate-smart buildings.

The Open thinking campaign will run on television as well as in print and digital media starting 25 December.

Find out more about the Open thinking campaign on our Swedish product site (only in Swedish).

Find out more about our history.

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