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Enhancing our communities

Improving financial literacy, enhancing entrepreneurship and increasing employment options for young people are at the core of Nordea’s group-wide community involvement programme. By choosing to focus on topics where our employees are well equipped to contribute their skills and expertise, we can make a real difference.

Tackling these three issues together, Nordea contributes to the social mobility of disadvantaged young people in particular, as well as helping all young people on the programmes to earn and save, be productive members of society and build a successful life for themselves. 

Employees benefit hugely from the experience too. They return to work with greater motivation, a broader worldview as well as enhanced communications skills, all of which improves how they engage with and relate to our customers. 

Teaching youth about finance

Our financial literacy programme began in 2010. It runs in all four Nordic countries and engages hundreds of employees every year, reaching thousands of young people. Nordea’s private economists in each country lead the programmes locally and each branch region has an ambassador who coordinates the programme with schools.

In addition to the group wide financial literacy programme, we are engaged in several activities with local partner organisations in local communities. Banking advisors visit classes with students aged 13-18, and hold hands-on classes in personal finances. Through our own classroom programme, and through our partner organisations, we reach a large number of young people each year.

Our employees in the Nordic and Baltic countries and Russia also engage in numerous activities in their local communities.