Sibos 2017

Denne side findes ikke på dit sprog, og derfor vises den på engelsk.

COPENHAGEN – Nordea's delegation for Sibos 2017, which takes place in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre between 16 and 19 October, has been announced. A broad range of Nordea participants will attend the event, organised by SWIFT for the whole financial industry. Nordea will once more have an official stand at the event.

This year’s overall conference theme is ‘Building for the Future’, which focuses on cybersecurity, compliance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the impact of geopolitical and regulatory shifts, and data and identity. Nordea will bring a connected message with an emphasis on how we can create better future banking through being an attractive Nordic partner and welcoming collaborative innovation for the benefit of the customer.

Please make your Nordea contact aware if you would like to set up a meeting with any of our participants in Toronto. 

Nordea's delegation in Toronto will include:   

Transaction Banking

Christel Bagger, Head of Payments

Gunnar Berger, Head of Channels 

Gabiella Caracciolo, Transaction Banking PMO 

Søren Damgaard-Mørch, Head of External Infrastructure Integration

Patrik Havander, Head of Strategy & Communication

Niklas Lemberg, Head of Euro Payments

Tomas Moberg, Payment SME

Jesper Ramsö, Head of Cash Management Sales 

Claus Richter, Head of Cash Management Solutions

Axel Stridsberg, Head of Trade Finance Bank Management 

Erik Zingmark, Co-Head of Transaction Banking

Group Anti Money Laundering & Sanctions 

Neil Høst, Strategic Partner

Daniel Margetts, Strategic Partner

Group AML & Sanctions, Group Anti Money Laundering & Sanctions and KYC

James Rose, Head of KYC

Hilde Ingelin Vogt, Head of Management Secretariat Retail Banking

International Banks

Ulrik Berg Andersen, Senior Relationship Manager

Kristina Kjellander, Global Network Manager 

Tine Mönster, Senior Relationship Manager 

Niklas Riesenfeld, Head of International Banks Sweden 

Crispin Rolt, Head of International Banks Denmark

Retail Banking IT

Marko Närhi, Head of Payment Core 

Eeva Kekkonen, Head of Payment Transformation Technologies

Solution delivery A&P

Ville Sointu, Head Of Distributed Ledger Core Development And Research Team

Wholesale Banking Operations, Investor Solutions & Services

Joakim Gustafson, Head of Product & Network Management

Jesper Hansen, Head of Sales

Teemu Pihlatie, Senior Sales Manager, International Clients

Ann Kristin Ravnaa, Senior Sales Manager, International Clients

Oliver Zecevic, Head of Investor Solutions & Services