Best bank in the Nordics for Transaction Banking

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15-10-18 15:36 | Awards and organisational news

For the third year running, Nordea has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Best Bank in the Nordics’ in The Banker’s annual Transaction Banking Awards.

At this year’s Transaction Banking awards, organised by ‘The Banker’, technology, digitisation and innovation were the leading themes amongst applicants. According to The Banker, the 2018 awards “demonstrate how technology is being adopted on an international scale.”

With a third win in a row, Nordea has continued to maintain a leading position in the Nordics in digital development and future banking initiatives. The Banker writes: “Nordea has made innovation part of its DNA, something that has helped it to keep hold of the Nordic Transaction Banking Award for another year. The world of digital will not slow down any time soon, and Nordea is focused on keeping pace with the changes to automation, digitisation and the progress of self-service models.”

The ’Best Bank in the Nordics’ award will be presented to the Nordea team during the Sibos conference in Sydney on 23 October.

Leading innovation
Erik Zingmark, Head of Transaction Banking, comments: “Our area of banking continues to be at the forefront of innovation and development in all aspects from the way consumers are altering their shopping habits, to facilitating instant payments, to advances in liquidity management. We have made changes to our structure and processes and introduced agile ways of working to focus our efforts on increasing the customer experience through smart digital offerings. Whether this is supporting consumers by enabling the payment device of their choice, working towards instant payments across borders, facilitating trade through blockchain technology or developing state of the art tools to aid treasurers. We have also introduced a cultural transformation aimed at enabling and empowering our employees so that they are better equipped to navigate in this new setting.”

The best solutions

This new win for Transaction Banking follows on from other awards earlier in the year including Nordea Wallet awarded ‘Best Mobile Payments Initiative’ and Open Banking wining ‘IT Team of the Year’ at this year’s Paytech Awards ceremony in London.

“We want to be at the forefront of changes by working with our clients to provide them with the very best solutions to accommodate the changes they are facing in their business models. In order to speed up innovation and our time to market for new products and solutions, we will continue to find new ways of collaborating with third party developers and customers through initiatives like Open Banking and Customer Sprints. We want to maintain our position as a profitable top of mind provider in this dynamic environment”, adds Erik.

Nordea’s Open Banking developer portal now has over 2000 registered users and there are expectations for new solutions to be delivered as a result of this collaborative approach. Initiatives to speed up the possibility of instant payments across countries and to offer even more convenient payment options are also under development.

The recently released Future Treasury Report 2018 offers unique insights into the contemporary needs of the Treasury function. Tools to provide Treasurers and CFOs with a strategic and transparent overview of their often-complex cash and forecasting needs are expected soon. Nordea’s Transaction Banking team is focused on assisting the dynamic shift to a digital future with the customer placed very much at the centre.

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