Special edition: Insights into digitalisation

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27-10-15 14:39 | Insights and knowledge sharing

Digitalisation is sweeping through all areas of business, and finance is no exception. On both sides of the relationship between banks and corporates, new technologies are reshaping core processes. At Nordea, we saw this change coming and for instance we are one of the first major banks to commit to replacing our entire legacy banking systems, in a €1 billion investment which began 18 months ago.

In a special edition of our Insights newsletter, we explore how digitalisation is transforming treasury, banking relationships, and trade finance transactions — and most importantly, what it means for you.

The banker’s perspective

In interviews with Treasury Today and Banking Technology, our Head of Transaction Products, Erik Zingmark, gives an overview of the trends and strategic priorities that treasurers are focused on, from regulatory changes like SEPA and PSD2 to the rise of big data and mobile tools to improve agility and transparency.

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Learning to work together in the digital age

At EuroFinance 2015, our incoming CEO Casper von Koskull discussed with Christian Luiga, SVP & CFO at TeliaSonera AB, what the relationship between corporates and their banks will be like in the digital future. 

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A new era for trade finance

All areas of finance are being affected by digitalisation — and that includes trade finance. In this article we explore the work that we’re doing to help your trade finance transactions run more smoothly, including the growing popularity of messaging standards and the forthcoming introduction of our new platform, Trade Finance Global.    

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