Nordea ranked in first place in Prospera’s Cash Management Norway survey

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28-01-21 9:04 | Awards and organisational news

For the first time, Nordea’s Cash Management team has come out on top in Prospera’s annual customer satisfaction survey in Norway. Nordea was ranked first in the Prospera survey for Cash Management Norway in both the ‘all companies’ and ‘Tier 1 companies’ segments.

Each year Prospera conducts detailed interviews with the largest companies in the Nordics in order to produce an annual benchmark of the leading banks and financial service providers. The Cash Management Norway survey involved gathering feedback from 72 companies.

Olof Stålfors, Head of Cash Management Norway at Nordea, says: “Prospera is a very important award for us as it provides the real voice of our customers. That is the thing that matters. It’s the ultimate achievement as its actually the customers that have chosen Cash Management Norway as their preferred partner this year. We have been evaluated across a range of categories and received fantastic results, particularly in the relationship focused categories such as sales and service support.”

Moving on up

After notable improvements in customer satisfaction scores in recent years, Nordea Cash Management Norway has now been voted into the number 1 position for all companies surveyed as well as for Tier 1 companies (companies based in Norway with a turnover in excess of 1.7 billion Euros). In the two parts of the survey related to sales and service, Nordea came top in a combined 19 out of 20 categories in both segments.

Olof adds: “In a challenging year, we are proud to see that our customers have appreciated how we have supported them. We have spent a lot of time understanding the business models and strategic objectives of our customers and really thought about how we can make our customers shine in their own organisations. The Cash Management Norway team have always had a clear focus on advising our customers based on the value our solutions can provide. This result is all about the people in our organisation and their passion for our customers and their business. We work together in partnership with our customers to solve their challenges and find new opportunities. This fuels us with energy and motivates us to work even harder. We would like to express a big thank you to all of our customers for taking the time to complete the survey and for the trust they have shown in us.”

Meeting customer needs

Magnus Krogstad, Head of Cash Management LC&I Norway at Nordea, says: “This is the first time we have reached top spot in the Prospera Cash Management Norway survey and we are naturally very pleased to see the results. We have spent a significant amount of time on aligning the value chain around meeting customer needs. We have also worked towards making the treasury function more relevant in the strategy and business discussions taking place in our customer’s companies. In turn, we have shifted the focus a little bit towards helping the company deliver great solutions for their own end customers. By increasing the feelings of personal ownership and working as a team across Cash Management Norway, we have made a real joint effort towards providing great solutions and service. This number one vote is all about the people.”

Siw Lund, Head of CM Customer Service Account Management LC&I Norway at Nordea, concludes: “We are overwhelmed by this achievement and glad to see that our intense customer focus in daily operations has been recognised by our customers. To all our customers, thank you!”

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