Treasury KPIs Report 2019

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15-10-19 10:01 | Insights and knowledge sharing

Nordea last reported on treasury KPIs in 2016. Back then, over three-quarters of respondents had established treasury KPIs and the majority said that KPIs had improved treasury effectiveness. The research discovered a gap between the treasury’s objectives and those of the business. Many treasuries weren’t actively measuring stakeholder satisfaction with their performance. A significant proportion said that KPI outcomes never affected treasury staff compensation.

Nordea’s 2019 Treasury KPI report reveals that treasuries are embracing KPIs, and the business is paying attention to the outcomes. But just like in 2016, treasuries are not using KPIs to evaluate their own performance or for benchmarking towards peers despite the accelerating pace of digitalisation. Many Treasuries also have a short-term focus. Increasingly lean and streamlined, they are often focused on mission-critical priorities like liquidity and funding. 

Operational KPIs and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are falling down the agenda and hardly any treasuries have implemented KPIs related to their digitalisation goals. If they can balance their immediate priorities with these more long-term goals, treasuries will be more prepared for the future.

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