Spotlight on China

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China: maximising your opportunities, minimising your risk

China may be the world's largest economy, but some Nordic companies are only just waking up to the potential. Today, just 5% of Finland's exports head to the country.

And the opportunities are vast. Whether you're looking for a manufacturing partner or expanding the market for your products and services, China is a vital location. The country has established itself as major exporter of manufactured goods. Now the range of goods being exported is increasing - along with their sophistication. Once, textiles were its biggest export, today it's heavy machinery.

And this is no one-way-street. China remains a major importer of commodities, but its appetite for luxury, and high- quality goods is also growing rapidly. Opportunities are emerging for companies that specialise in green technology, first-class food, and healthcare.

Complex trading regulations and the difference in the banking system remain challenges for any company entering China. And while the government is relaxing some restrictions - the liberalisation of its currency being a prime example - new risks are emerging, such as exchange rate volatility.

Our interview with Amy Zhuang, Nordea Markets senior analyst, lays out the key trends in the Chinese economy, identifying the major risks in international trade companies face, and outlining the steps you can take to mitigate risk.

You will learn more about:

  • The latest trends in Chinese imports and exports.
  • The biggest opportunities for Nordic companies.
  • The impact of market reforms..

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