Guidelines for remuneration

According to the Swedish Companies Act, the Board of Directors is to annually prepare a proposal for guidelines for executive remuneration for decision by the AGM. The Act also stipulates the criteria which the guidelines should contain and evaluations to be made.

Approved guidelines Proposal for guidelines Additional info Evaluation Approved guidelines

Approved guidelines

Proposal for guidelines

Proposal for guidelines

The Board of Directors proposed that the AGM 2016 would decide on these guidelines for remuneration to executive officers for 2016: Remuneration guidelines for executive officers (pdf, 690 KB).

To the proposal, the Board of Directors attached additional information; see tab "Additional info".

Updated: September 2016

Additional info

Additional information

The following additional information is attached to the Board of Director’s proposal for guidelines for remuneration to the executive officers for 2016, which are proposed to be approved at the AGM 2016.

Deviations from approved guidelines 2015: 

There have been no deviations from the approved guidelines 2015.

Cost for variable remunerations for executive officers (excluding social cost):

The actual cost for GEM EIP 2015 is EUR 5.0m to be paid over a five-year period.

The estimated maximum cost for GEM EIP 2016 is EUR 6.5m and the estimated cost assuming 65% fulfilment of the performance criteria is EUR 4.1m.

Updated: September 2016 
Source: Annual Report 2015


Evaluation on remuneration

The Board of Directors is to, according to the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, report the results of the evaluation of the programmes for variable remuneration which the members of GEM take part in and the application of the guidelines for remuneration to executive officers approved by the AGM, as well as the current remuneration structures and levels in Nordea. 

The Auditor shall, according to the Swedish Companies Act, provide a written signed statement to the Board whether there has been compliance with the guidelines for remuneration to executive officers, which have been applied since the previous AGM.   

Below you will find the evaluations as PDF.

Updated: February 2016