Remuneration to Board of Directors, CEO and GEM

Here we present the compensation to the Board, CEO and Group Executive Management (GEM) in more detail.

Board of Directors CEO and GEM Figures Board of Directors

Remuneration to Board of Directors

The AGM 2016 decided that remuneration to the board members shall amount to:

  • The Chairman EUR 287,400
  • Deputy Chairman EUR 136,500 and
  • Other members EUR 88,850.

In addition, remuneration will be paid for committee work in the three board committees amounting to EUR 36,050 for the committee chairmen and EUR 25,750  for the other members. Remuneration is not paid to members who are employees of the Nordea Group.

Updated: September 2016


Remuneration to CEO and Group Executive Management

The Board of Directors prepares the proposal for guidelines for remuneration for executive officers to be approved by the AGM annually. According to these guidelines, the Board of Directors has decided on the actual remuneration for the CEO and members of GEM following a proposal from the Board Remuneration Committee. 

Updated: September 2016 
Source: Annual Report 2015


Remuneration in figures

In the annual report, remuneration to the Board of Directors, CEO and GEM are presented in figures. 

The table in note G7 in Nordea’s Annual report contains information about remuneration and loans as well as pension commitments to the Board of Directors, CEO and GEM.

Updated: September 2016 
Source: Annual Report 2015