Community engagement

Baby - Community engagement

Making community engagement count 

Community engagement is an essential part of Nordea’s sustainable business strategy and illustrates the important role we as a bank play in society. Building financial skills and enhancing entrepreneurship make up the core of our group-wide community engagement programme. 

By choosing to focus on areas where Nordea and its employees have extensive expertise, we can make a real difference. Nordea’s employees can contribute to society through volunteer work and we – as the biggest bank in the Nordic region and one of the largest in Europe – can have a tangible, positive impact on society through our own programmes, partnerships and sponsorships. Our role in society brings with it an enormous responsibility – and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Building financial skills

People with good financial skills and knowledge can better manage their own finances and understand risks, making it easier for them to realise their dreams and aspirations. Nordea employees, with their broad financial expertise and skills, have a unique opportunity to contribute to this through volunteer work. Through our own programmes and in close co-operation with partners, Nordea can help young people budget and save so that they can build a successful financial life for themselves. The programmes and partnerships we run in all four Nordic countries engage hundreds of employees every year and reach thousands of young people. 

Enhancing entrepreneurship

Nordea engages with entrepreneurs and young potential entrepreneurs in many different ways, from mentoring and networking to start-up programmes and financial skills training, helping them achieve their goals and fulfil their visions. By encouraging entrepreneurship, we can also help promote economic growth. Nordea also supports organisations with a focus on young entrepreneurs. 

Nordea works closely with fintechs through our own and other start-up accelerator programmes and we’re partnering with fintech hubs in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen.