About our programme

Graduates outside coffee

Whether you want a career with focus on business or IT, Nordea Graduate programme kick-starts your journey from being a student to becoming a successful young professional, creating the perfect start for your career. You will be employed in a specific position within business or IT that matches your interests and competencies so you can work with the things that you are most passionate about. 

Your passion will be our joint strength and will support Nordea in the historic transformation process we have initiated. In the coming years Nordea will invest substantially in the establishment of the future relationship bank based on a core digital platform. And we want you to be part of this. 

You apply for a specific position in one of our tracks and in parallel you participate in international seminars and regular meetings with a mentor. You get the best possible opportunity to create networks, engage with our senior business leaders and unfold your potential while increasing your personal awareness and business knowledge.

All this will give you a strong and unique foundation for your future career now and after the programme.  

Group seminars combined with business tracks

The Graduate programme is a two-year programme consisting of the following main parts:
  • A group track which all graduates participate in.
  • A track which offers different opportunities depending on which track you are part of. 

Group track

During the first year you will join four international seminars in the Nordic capitals. At the seminars we will focus on different impactful learning activities that will support your career development. You will get a unique chance of meeting a condensed group of highly interesting, talented, equal and hand-picked fellow graduates. You will engage with different senior business leaders and you will develop yourself through various training activities and engage in projects in cross-functional teams – and much more.

The seminars are highly interactive by nature and will set the right frame for your transition from student to young professional focusing on selected high-impact development activities. 

In the second year you will mainly focus on building strong competencies within your business area as well as partnering up with a mentor. The mentor will support you in bringing the learnings from the seminars into play and discussing whatever challenges you would like to tackle as you grow as a young professional. Read more about our tracks.

Video: What's the Graduate programme all about? 

Mads Leonhardt Thomsen, Graduate programme manager, presents the programme (video 1:51 min.): 

Video: Greetings from a graduate seminar

The graduate seminars that are held in each of the Nordic capitals are definitely among the highlights of the Nordea Graduate programme. 

In these short videos you will meet Daniel, Julie, Simo and Thomas who share some of their takeaways from the last graduate seminar (videos 0:39 - 1:00 min.).